Pickaway County and agriculture are one and the same – farming has been a common thread in our county for more than 200 years. PCN Agriculture is ensuring a strong agriculture future by raising awareness of local commodities and opportunities in our county, helping current farmers maintain and transfer wealth within their family (and within the county) and working with educational institutions to prepare students to enter the agricultural workforce. 

Agriculture opportunities continue to present themselves in this county in more than just a grain or livestock operation. Pickaway County is rich in farmer’s markets, and niche markets such as sod farms, berry farms and bees. Educating others that farming is what feeds America is an important part of the local mission that PCN Agriculture engages in.

Agriculture Committee

Stacey Sark


Judy Clifton

Matt Dick

Lisa Lightle

Liza Musselman

Carly Neff

Keith Peters

Asa Radcliff