The PCCF’s Inspiration Station is a community resource to stimulate imagination exploration in a safe environment. The Inspiration Station will provide experiences that can’t be had anywhere else in the county, allowing for an aggressive approach to taking people beyond their everyday life. We will provide exhibits, events and other engagements for the purpose of education, study and enjoyment, as well as fun, family-oriented, all-welcoming opportunities that will further establish PCCF as a leader the trusted community partner leading impactful change in Pickaway County.

Inspiration Station is the physical embodiment of the PCCF youth/educational fund. Represented by captivating activities and resources, the fund comes to life in 9,000 square feet to be known as the Inspiration Station. The PCCF’s Inspiration Station is a unique destination designed to enhance the physical, mental and emotional growth through hands-on learning, creativity and exploration.


Tentative Construction Schedule

All dates associated are subject to change

Stage One: Research – Completed in Fall of 2021

Stage Two: Planning & Creation – Currently Happening, Spring 2022

Stage Three: Market Implementation – Q3 2022 – Q2 2023

Stage Four: Operational – Q3 2023



1170 N Court St.,

Circleville OH 43113