PCN Leadership

Leadership in Pickaway County, or any county, city, or town, comes from many places. The impact of civic leadership is longer lasting because these citizens – leaders are stewards of their communities. They set and maintain a tone of ethics and values for a community. More importantly, they cultivate new leadership in an effort to make sure that the cycle continues with the next generation.

As the cliché goes, “some leaders are born, others are made.” PCN’s Leadership Fund is dedicated to nurturing tomorrow’s leaders so they are comfortable in decision-making roles. This ultimately means they will help chart a course for Pickaway County’s future success.

Upcoming Events

Leadership Committee

Jayme Hartley Fountain


Tim Wilson

Vice Chair

Michele Lanman


Melissa Betz

Trey Fausnaugh

Rodger Southward

Gwen Wolford

Katie Logan-Hedges

2013 Fellows Class Rep

Michelle Blanton

2014 Fellows Class Rep

Mike Pelcic

2014 Fellows Class Rep

Billy Dennis

2016 Fellows Class Rep

Mindi Brown

2016 Fellows Class Rep